Below are three approaches outlined that would reflect a wide array of possible production values for your video advertising needs. We are detailing these options for you as a matter of transparency in pricing and the aesthetic that corresponds with those prices.


At our most basic level, we possess competitive advantages to the average videographer in our footage encoding quality, our ability to capture imagery with dynamic light levels, and high frame rate video (slow-motion). Included in "level one" quotes are the following:

  • 1-2 crew members for 4-8 hours
  • A full camera package including a comprehensive lens set, from wide-angle to telephoto, slow-motion capabilities, resolutions from full HD1080p to 4k RAW, and high dynamic range gamma picture profiles with ~13 stops of latitude.
  • Small, two-unit LED lighting kit and reflectors
  • Tripod support
  • Editing (Assistant editing, Sequence Assembly, Audio, Basic Color Correction, Formatting)


Above the basic level of production value, our capabilities to produce attention-grabbing content really begin to show. On top of our work as a camera team, we are able to add introductory digital motion control devices and a 4-unit, highly adaptable lighting kit to create mood and accentuate details. Included in "level two" quotes are the following:

  • Everything included in our "level one" quote
  • 2-3 crew members for (x) number of 8/hr. days
  • Our complete 4-unit lighting kit including Gaffing materials
  • Kessler CineDrive motion control 4-axis system
  • Editing (Assistant editing, sequence assembly, audio, more advanced color correction with noise reduction, formatting)


In productions beyond our "level two" value tier, visuals and structure begin to become truly unique to the individual video. Included in this level of production are complex, multi-angle scenes, advanced image making techniques (hyperlapse, advanced compositing, 3D graphics), and specialized camera motion control devices (cranes, stabilizers, and aerial drone footage). Included in "level three" quotes are the following:

  • Everything included in our "level two" quote
  • Scene direction with actors
  • Specialist audio recording and mastering
  • Camera cranes, advanced stabilization devices, aerial camera drone work
  • Advanced editing (compositing/masking, 3D motion tracking, computer generated graphics, specialist color grading, specialist audio mastering, customized music compositions)